Saturday, October 27, 2007


i feel your resentment

here you are giving me your heart
while I slice select parts of mine to
offer in return

i told you i was no good-
not merely misunderstood
you wanted to prove me and the world
it was a cruel lesson to learn

you fell so deep down the well
i stride through shallow waters making
sure i don’t get too wet
but before you can drown
i cast out a safety net

it’s in my best interest

as long as you set out your bowl of cream
i’ll slink around allowing you to get lost in
your dreams
grip me too tight and I bite
loosen your hold and off I go
then you’re left alone crying about having a lover
so mean

anyway you choose, you lose

having a warm bed sometimes is better than
however, affections aren’t meant to be toyed with
when you see me walk out the door
you always wonder if we’ve had our last kiss…

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