Monday, October 1, 2007

That Place

That Place

i let it happen

his hands were like
silk across my untouched
so much warmth through his
a magic spark i felt when
he kissed my lips
the buttons became undone
i wanted myself to be set
into the grass, surrounded
by wildflowers
out in the field right next
to the oak tree

he entered me

i was confused by the strange
he turned from the sweetest man
into a stranger
i searched for compassion in his
eyes but all i could see was the
i was in
suddenly i didn't want this to
i cried out but received the
back of his hand
i was being pushed down into
the coldness of the land
closing my eyes i prayed for
this to end
i begged God for forgiveness
for participating in this

i brought it upon myself

soon, he raised his sweaty
body off of mine
i laid into the dirt as if i
had no spine
the look he shot me was of
pure disgust
i shot a look of my own of
total distrust
no words were exchanged
he went on his way
as the sun started to set
at that place is where i
continued to stay
casting my eyes at the darkening
i had to ask the stars "Why?"

why did i let him kiss me
why did i smile went he winked
at me
why did i skip school and get
into his car
why did i let things go so

momma won't understand my torn
the grownup smells i had and my
insides being a mess
ashamed i am for what was done
ashamed i am for what i have

that place, where the wildflowers
serenaded the big oak tree
that place that used to comfort me
that place where the honeysuckles
enticed the bees
that place now simply haunts me

that place...

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