Saturday, October 27, 2007

Right to Die

The medicine stopped working
My body’s jerking
I fall to my knees begging folks
To let me be
I’m full of toxins
My pores are cesspools
Veins pumping contaminated
One cut and people would die from
The flood
There’s no cure
I’m a twitching mess
Beyond sending calls of distress

my time is borrowed
i’m in panic mode
a total nervous breakdown
bodily functions shutting down
following my manic episode
i hear voices-
for once they’re not in my head
somehow I’m chained to a bed
condescending words float above
and bounce off walls like my body
was before
i see a woman carrying a tray walking
through the door
it can’t be more vials and needles
what would be the purpose
why can’t they let my body expire
i’m so tired-
no need to prolong others suffering…

my eyes connect with hers and I think she
understands my plea
by tomorrow I will no longer be

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