Sunday, September 16, 2007


the chandelier fell to the ground
oh, it made such a magnificent
tiny crystals everywhere-
dancing in the debris caused many
cuts on me
i’m staring at the sores where i continue
to bleed
but i don’t care
i’m getting ready to go on a roller coaster ride
at the fair
flying high until the clouds kiss me
not thinking about the people below who swear
that they miss me
now gravity is taking its harsh effect
crashing down, i have no safety net
i am becoming a nervous wreck
thank God there were more crystals around
more dancing, more sharpness jabbing into my
back at the carnival, i’m inside a room that
many times the sun has come and left again
i’m being forced to leave the fun and games behind
the carnival owner told me i couldn’t afford any more
good times
violent images are flashing through my mind
i’m not too familiar with this strange place
i don’t remember any of these people’s faces
things seem to be so horribly wrong
i cry yet no one seems to hear my pleading
why am i being kept from the sky where i belong?
i keep hearing whispers about how lucky i am to be
my mom and dad are here, but they won’t offer me a
they just babble on about how my life is a precious gift
if only they could experience an ounce of the pain I’m dealing
closing my eyes, i can’t help but continue to cry
i share my tears with my family as i beg them to help me

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