Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Need to Use You

I know our relationship
is supposed to be give
and take
But today, baby it can’t be the same-
not even for our love’s sake
There’s so much shit going on
that it’s hard to explain
You’ll want to come over and
But all I’ll feel is drained
Don’t worry-I want you around
There are things that you can do
This may sound cold and harsh
I need to use you

Please don’t question my needs
or try to fix what’s in my
I’m in selfish mode right now
Just comply with my wishes instead
Lay me down and caress me
Tell me things will be ok-
lie if you must
That’s all the words that need to be
You’re here strictly for lust
Sorry I can’t help you right now
I know you had a fucked up day
All those troubles will have to wait
When you come, I will use you

My body is yours-you know what
it needs
I close my eyes and anticipate
Your hands, your lips, your mouth,
and dick
I need release; it’s so hard to wait
Skin on skin; sweat dripping all
Make me scream so that I can
I had to take you for granted this one
little night
Please know that I do love you
I’ll understand the day you’ll
need to use me back

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