Sunday, September 16, 2007

A March Drive-by

we sat on my couch sipping
on raspberry rum
the sweet burn making my mouth scorch
while the heat of the liquor going down
made me glisten with sweat
i turned my head towards my shy
date and realized that we were gonna
get it on
“Drink up!” i teased, and grinned as his
body started to loosen up after draining the rum
his hand landed on my thigh and he blushed-
but he never removed that hand

i swooped in with a kiss that nearly made him
drop his glass
he fumbled to place the glass on the table and
i couldn’t give a shit if it made it there or not
my heaving chest was begging for his hands
to go there-to reach under the shirt, dammit and
let those sensitive tits free from the restraining bra
he took a swig out of my glass then complied as the trace
of rum in his mouth had my nipples like pencil erasers
my hands went to his crotch and was i ever surprised
to grab a more than a handful of hard dick instead of jeans;
the turtle was taking the lead in this race now

gone were the clothes as i poured the liquor on his
chest and let my tongue follow suit past his “Happy
Trail” and towards the throb
i appreciated the grooming as my head went up and down
like a merry-go-round horse as a slew of Oh shit!s and Damn!s
flew out of his mouth
he grabbed my ass and messaged it as his hips kept bucking
he soon flipped the script and had my thighs around his ears
as he had me calling the Lord, God, Jehovah, Hayah or Jesus
i didn’t have to direct traffic as he knew his way around
downtown; taking slow turns and dipping in and out of tunnels
he had me at turned out status before reaching for the Trojan
Magnums in his wallet and walking towards my room
i did a little dance and clapped softly before following-
he wasn’t fronting as he needed those Magnums…

that liquor made old braveheart lay on his back with his hands
clasped behind his head-i climbed on top and my walls were gripping
for traction as i didn’t want to be impaled
he challenged me with a “C’mon, now!” and that’s when i took it like
a champ and got to riding the dick like i was trying to make it to work
he was trying to wreck the infrastructure, but kitty wasn’t a punk
then he lifted me up and had me on my knees as his balls were playing
slap boxing with my ass
my face in the pillow biting and screaming into it like the bed banging
around wasn’t going to have the neighbors complaining
his grip on my hips tightened and he quickened his pumping and before
long we both didn’t want to see the spazzed looks in each other’s faces
as we came hard, me for the second time

he was granted an overnight stay, with a sausage, grits, cheese eggs, toast and
the sports section of the paper breakfast
he might have walked in a lamb, but he came out a lion

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