Monday, August 13, 2007

Agnostic Me

despite what you may think
i have my own personal relationship
with God
no i do not go to any one of his
conveniently placed houses of worship
but i know that He hears me
and it's not only when i call on Him
when i'm feeling at my lowest point
it's not only when i call on Him to
watch over my loved ones
i can sit on my bed and start dialogue
at anytime day or night just when i want
to feel His presence
so keep your theories about me being confused
to yourselves
i don't need to choose a certain path in order
to show Him my love and devotion
and what gives you the right to dictate where
my soul will go when i've breathed my last
i want to listen in on the other end of this
"special" line you have to God while he dictates His
will as you've ordained yourself His personal secretary
He created us all in his image so just as He can
tell who has Him in their hearts and who truly
believe in His work
God also has the ability to refuse entrance into
His Kingdom the false prophets who spread His word
while breaking The Commandments
it isn't i who need to be reminded-maybe it is

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