Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Drama Queen in an Empty Palace

Self pity
to say that my days
are a miserable shade of gray
is an understatement...
to my dismay

staring into my four corners of doom
my eyes so glassy inside my barren room
banging and beating the walls with my head
painting a mosaic of disturbing red
my mind is racing at a frantic pace
wondering how i landed in such a horrible place
hallucinating for hours on end
now is when the fun begins...

Morbid thoughts
i give up
i don't want to try anymore
everything hurts-
i'm tired of being sore
no more pain
all of my troubles would leave
just by closing my eyes
and refusing to breathe

False Rise of the Phoenix
is that a flicker of hope
dancing in front of me
barely within my reach
but what a joy to see
such a long time in denial
about needing to be saved
could this be the miracle-
the ending to my darkest days
alas it's only a dream-
a fairytale fast drifting away

To be continued...

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