Sunday, August 19, 2007

Can't Do This Anymore

Can't Do This Anymore

shut up and listen:

more imposed guilt
means more of a
defense wall built
don't you understand
that constantly flinging
accusations my way is
like expecting flowers to
grow from sand
it makes no sense
your emotional strangulation
is relentless
and this makes me angry;
you're expecting a
rekindled love
while i'm trying to avoid
you and your mental mess
it all adds up to stress
a thing i try to do without
you tell me you want us
back together
but why have a relationship
filled with doubt?


no more talk of a lost year
take all of your costly tears
and let them fill an ocean
for you to set sail
you're turning me into an enabler;
thinking being in my arms is
good, but things won't be well
must we cry on the phone?
just because you don't want to be
now it's i who has a heart of stone?
if that's the case
i'll be the bad guy
here's the kiss to say goodbye:
if you come around, i won't be home

in other words, it's time to move on

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