Monday, August 13, 2007

Diamonds and Rhinestones

Fake words
from fake people
Seeing them walk around
trying to fool others
with their fake smiles and laughter
Pretending to be interested
makes me sick

These fake people copulate
and have fake children
Threatening to over populate
an already congested world in
desperate need of an
enema real quick

It angers me when the
few real people left become
Befriending these imitation
Pleading their cases for acceptance

If I could I would
all those stupid real people and the
and put them on an island
Hopefully they would destroy
each other by chance

Until then
I’ll surround myself with
real gems
who understand how frustrated
I get as well as understand how I

It’s not easy picking diamonds
out from the rhinestones
You have to get burned before
developing a jeweler’s experience
of being able to separate the fake ones
from the real

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