Monday, August 13, 2007


The world is changing every day, I
don’t like it much at all
Frantic people running nowhere fast
trample me when I fall
Not one hand reaches out to me
Such an ironic way to die
Then I wake up from my horrid dream-
the future makes me want to cry
Gadgetheads try to convince me
that it is time for me to conform
It’s such a shock to find out that
the way I was living my life was so far
from the norm
Children laugh at my archaic ways
Gloom and doom on the news spells
the end of my days
The many pills I take keeps me off the
despite my inching closer to the ledge
A sea of people wants me to dive
With so much against me it hard to decide
I make my leap and the last thing that I
are entertained people who clap and cheer
my suicide

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