Monday, August 27, 2007


fragile like an egg
the armor made of shell
It cracks at the slightest touch
Pieces of my mind
scattered all over the ground
I didn't think I'd need it so
I try to form words
simple syllables fail me
My expressionless face conveys lack of
Little dots of blue
usually linked with sadness
But it's my happiest of hues
The lights in my eyes ablaze with some
I smile
at the children are playing games outside
I laugh
The sun has pushed the bullying clouds
I leave
my claustrophobic home filled with those
little dots of blue behind
I lose
the newly found pieces of my mind

The shell has cracked
The irritable alter ego has come back
and the doors are locked it seems forever
The little dots of blue
a necessity for the irrational psyche
Gold is worthless metal compared to this
mental treasure
I smile
The angry giant is falling fast asleep
I drift
The remnants of regret is hidden deep
I dream
of pretty snowflakes of white so pure
I wake up
and realize that there is no cure

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