Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Have my Moments of Lucidity

Throughout my darkened ways
the many tears I’ve cried
I’ve waxed poetic about my last days
on earth
But in all honesty, I really don’t
want to die
I have no right to complain,
my problems are merely a few
Sometimes I magnify the amount of
pain I feel
not recognizing the atrocities others go

Genocide, females forcefully circumcised, homelessness
Disease bringing Third World Countries to their
Holes in the ozone layer have me wondering if any of my
descendants will have answers to their prayers
The ‘War On Drugs’ is nothing but a joke that’s not
We could be a nation of junkies if the government could
make some money
For the record, I support our troops keeping me and mine
but where’s the WMDs?
How many more of our guys have to bleed or die?
Bring them home or admit that their mission isn’t to find Bin Laden-
It’s more a suicide

There’s so much more to decry, but I have my own burdens
Call me introspective or selfish, but I feel helpless as I am but one
And like many I crawl back inside my little pity hut
I leave long enough to vote, then scamper back home and slam the
door shut
Peeking out of my windows as the world passes me by
Falling back into depression, or is it personal regression?
I need to pop a little pill as I obsess over that question…

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