Monday, August 13, 2007


I saw her in the rain-
just standing there
as if a bus was coming
This wasn’t a commercial
This cul-de-sac was quiet;
pleasant trees and shrubs
She stood out like an
yet still sore thumb
She turned around and
caught my gaze
I blushed like a little boy
Could she see the lust in
my eyes
Oh how I wanted to caress
her face
Smell her long brown hair
Feel the fabric that was
pinned down by water drops
all over her beautiful body
Maybe take her hand in mine
Nothing too overt
I liked the way my heart
was racing
How alive I felt when she
smiled at me
I was happy that she didn’t
think I was some pervert
out to take advantage of her
Then a car pulled up;
her chariot had arrived
She waved ‘Goodbye’ to me
and then she was gone
my bones remembered that
they ached
The steadiness of my hands
gave way to a familiar
If I see her tomorrow
I’ll work up the courage
to ask her if she’d like to
go for a walk

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