Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I know he’s tired of me
I’m just his emotional bag lady
Always full of gloom and doom
Always bring his spirits down
Everytime I call his name
in my sleep, his ears burn
Whenever I see him, he looks at
me with disdain

When we were kids, we joked about
getting married someday
However that was when he “loved” me
I guess my self-pity
threatened to devour us both
I told him that I knew his
feelings for me were faltering
He said that I was just being
insecure as usual

I tried to give him sex
to let him know that I existed
This childish stunt has failed
me miserably; his eyes have lost their
A caged bird reminds me whenever
he and I are alone
I supposed it is time for me
to let him

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