Sunday, August 19, 2007

Only Detours and Exits

I am at peace with what I’m doing
A life of comfort is one that I’m pursuing
No more struggling, my pockets were strained
Not a bit of help from family, no ties
I get sideway glances
I take many chances
I drown out each and every “How can you?”
I’m already damaged
Jaded beyond all recognition
Blinded to all except intense ambition
A need to succeed and attain my dreams
I’m no longer bothered by judgmental people and their
eye beams
Love is a complication for my occupation
No excuses for the amount of mouths to feed
I have just myself, along with all of my needs
There are no rosy pictures about my station in life
There’s no turning back for choosing to be a ho
and not a wife
A high-rise on the Upper East Side is what I call
Lying next to designer tags and my checkbook when
I feel all alone
Then I get a ring on my phone, another client needing
my attention
I’m on call 24/7, no holidays, sick days and mainly working
Yea, at times when I look into the mirror many tears flow
I even have some regrets about putting a price on my soul
At the age of 32, I’ve had almost 20 years under my belt
I won’t be making any life changes; I don’t have that much time

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