Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I’m back to my pitiful ways
hiding in the shadows for days
Watching normal folks talking long
While I perch on garbage cans having
long talks
with myself
this is a postcard of my mental health
facilities and hospitals I go through their
revolving doors
After a two day stay I’m not allowed back
My aunt is tired of officers dropping me off
at her house
Sometimes I sleep around in order to crash
on people’s couches
Subways are mainstays
My pets are rats and pigeons with wings clipped
by brats
On sunny days I’m on display at the park
like some fucked up urban exhibit
“See, looks what happens when you don’t go to
The mom drops a dollar in my paper coffee cup
but junior sees me hold my middle finger up
I flash my lurid smile
To his mother’s side runs the frightened child
When my liquid medicine runs out
I find another place to stay:
Yet another pissy alleyway
Hiding in the shadows for a few more
until society decides that I’m a menace

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